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"White Heat" (1949) Framed Movie Poster

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Step back in time to the golden age of Hollywood with the iconic "White Heat" framed movie poster, a symbol of the film noir genre that continues to captivate audiences. This classic film, headlined by the incomparable James Cagney in one of his most memorable roles, is represented in this high-quality reprint, capturing the essence of the 1949 gangster flick's raw intensity and psychological depth.

"White Heat," directed by the legendary Raoul Walsh, is lauded for its gritty screenplay and Cagney's electrifying performance as the psychopathic criminal mastermind, Cody Jarrett. The poster itself gained acclaim for its stark, arresting design—a stark black-and-white palette punctuated by Cagney’s snarling visage, making it an enduring piece of cinematic history.

Our reprint isn't just any reproduction; it's an artisan-crafted homage to the film's original marketing artwork, printed on premium, archival-grade paper to preserve its historic impact. The visual appeal of this piece lies in its bold, dramatic composition, promising to be an eye-catching centerpiece that brings a touch of classic Hollywood to any room.

Elevating this already striking movie poster is the inclusion of the Snapezo Professional Movie Poster Frame, the perfect companion for such an illustrious print. With its sleek, modern design, the Snapezo frame features clear, UV-protected, anti-glare covers that safeguard your poster while ensuring its details remain visible from every angle. The innovative 'snap' technology of the frame allows for easy insertion of the poster, making it the ideal choice for cinephiles and collectors who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of film history encased in a frame that blends durability with professional presentation. The "White Heat" framed movie poster is a collector's item that does more than just decorate a wall—it starts conversations and ignites nostalgia for the grit and glamour of yesteryear's silver screen masterpieces.

Own a piece of film noir history with the "White Heat" (1949) framed movie poster, featuring high-quality reprint & Snapezo anti-glare frame. Ideal for cinema aficionados.

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