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Movie Poster Sizes

US Movie Posters since mid-1980's

  • One sheet, 27x40 inches
  • Bus stop or subway poster, 40x60 inches
  • British Quad 30x40 inches for UK movie posters

US Movie Posters used before mid-1980's

The following sizes were in common use in the United States before the mid-1980s, but have been phased out of production:

  • One sheet, 27 inches by 41 inches, portrait format (this size is one inch longer than the modern One sheet)
  • Display (aka Half-sheet), 22 inches by 28 inches, landscape format 1910 to 1980
  • Insert, size 14 inches by 36 inches, portrait format
  • Window Card, 14 inches by 22 inches, portrait format; typically has blank space at top to accommodate promotional text for local theater
  • Two sheet, 41 inches by 54 inches, either landscape format or portrait format
  • Three sheet, 41 inches by 81 inches, portrait format; usually assembled from two separate pieces
  • 30x40, 30 inches by 40 inches, portrait format
  • 40x60, 40 inches by 60 inches (1016x1524mm), portrait format
  • Six sheet, 81 inches by 81 inches (2060x2060mm), a square format; usually assembled from four separate pieces
  • Twenty-four sheet, 246 inches by 108 inches(6250x2740mm), landscape format often called a billboard

UK Movie Posters

  • British Quad 30x40 inches for UK movie posters
  • British Crown 20x30 inches for UK movie posters
  • One Sheet 27x40 inches for UK movie posters
  • Three sheet, size 40x 81 inches portrait format

Japanse Movie Posters

  • Japanese movie posters are issued in these primary sizes:
  • B0 - measures 40" x 58" consisting of 2 'B1' sheets.
  • B1 - measures 29" x 40" . Most often this is a double size version of the B2 which would make it vertical, but sometimes it is presented horizontally with different artwork.
  • B2 - measures 20" x 29" and is the base size for most Japanese posters.
  • B3 - Nakazuri - (which means 'hanging inside') measures 14" x 20" about half the 'B2' used inside bus and train stations. Very similar to a mini sheet
  • B4 - measures 10" x 29" which is half the size vertically of the B2 poster and half BOTH ways of the STB. Sometimes called a Japanese insert or 'speed' poster.
  • B5 - Chirashi - a small promo poster similar to a herald or a flyer. Their measurements vary but the majority are about 7" x 10". These are quite often printed with information on the back.
  • STB - measures 20" x 58" which consists of 2 sheets of 'B2' posters over and under. These are sometimes called 'Tatekan' posters