Movie Poster Frames FAQ

Can Movie Poster Frames be used outside?

Movie Poster frames are made of aluminum and plastic parts, therefore, they will not rust when exposed to moisture. However, your graphics will not be 100% protected from moisture, so you should protect them by coating them. We do offer "Weather Resistant" snap frames which are much more resistant to general moisture but are still not 100% water resistant.

How do Movie Poster Frames work?

Movie Poster frames have specially designed and engineered hinged edges that allow them to snap open on all four sides. Once opened, the clear protective overlay is easily removed from the front of the frame, allowing for a quick and easy poster change. Simply replace the clear protective overlay and close all four sides to once again display your poster.

How do you hang Snap Frames?

Movie Poster Frames are designed for wall mounting using screws, double sided tape, tabs, Velcro or string . Double-sided Snap Frames are hung with wire from u-shaped hooks.

Where are Movie Poster Frames used?

No other poster frame meets the display needs and tight budgets as cost-effectively as Snapezo Aluminum snap frames. Our high-quality, front-loading display frames are widely used for trade shows, exhibits, retail stores, point of purchase display, store fixtures, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, casinos, elevators, banks and credit unions, movie theatres, sports and entertainment centers, transportation and industrial facilities- just about any place where a durable, changeable poster or front loading sign frame is required.

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