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Movie Poster Verisons

Original Movie Posters:

  • Definition: Original movie posters are the official posters produced and distributed by movie studios to theaters for the purpose of promoting a film.
  • Value and Collectability: These originals are highly prized for their authenticity, rarity, and historical significance. Collectors often seek them out for unique features such as studio markings, specific sizes, or printing techniques that were employed during the film's initial release period.
  • Identifying Features: Key indicators include signs of aging, studio markings, and dimensions or paper quality that align with the standards of the movie’s release era.


  • Definition: Reprints are replicas of the original movie posters. They are typically produced after the movie's initial release, mainly for commercial sale to the public and not for promotional use in theaters.
  • Value and Collectability: Although reprints might be visually similar to originals and of high quality, they generally hold less value for collectors due to their commonality and lack of historical authenticity and rarity.
  • Identifying Features: These might exhibit a newer appearance, different paper quality, or absence of the specific markings that are characteristic of an original poster.


  • Definition: The term 'prints' is sometimes used interchangeably with 'reprints.' However, it can also encompass any printed form of the movie poster, including original, reprint, or counterfeit versions.
  • Value and Collectability: The value attributed to prints varies greatly. It depends on whether they are original, reprints, or unauthorized reproductions.
  • Collector's Insight: For collectors, distinguishing between these types is crucial. Original posters represent not just significant investments but are also coveted for their authenticity and connection to film history. In contrast, reprints, though more affordable and widely available, do not usually possess the same value in the collector's market. Conducting authenticity checks, such as verifying printing methods, paper types, sizes, and studio marks, is vital in determining a poster's categorization as either original or reprint.