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Color Options for SnapeZo Frames

Explore our diverse range of color options for SnapeZo Frames, meticulously matched to RAL standards. Whether you're looking for a classic tone or a vibrant hue, our selection offers the perfect choice for your framed posters. Below, you'll find a detailed table showcasing each color with its approximate HEX and Pantone equivalents.

RAL Name & Number Approx. HEX Code Approx. Pantone Code
White (RAL 9003) #F4F4F4 PANTONE Cool Gray 1 C
Black (RAL 9005) #0A0A0A PANTONE Black C
Green (RAL 6005) #2D4436 PANTONE 5535 C
Blue (RAL 5017) #004C7F PANTONE 301 C
Red (RAL 3020) #C1121C PANTONE 1795 C
Cream (RAL 1001) #D1BC8A PANTONE 727 C
Yellow (RAL 1023) #FAD201 PANTONE 109 C
Brown (RAL 8012) #7B3B2B PANTONE 7526 C
Purple (RAL 4008) #6C4675 PANTONE 667 C
Silver (RAL 7015) #4C5054 PANTONE 425 C


Disclaimer: Actual frame colors may vary slightly from what is displayed on your screen. The true colors are based on the RAL color standard, and the listed HEX and Pantone codes are approximate equivalents. Monitor settings and digital display technologies can alter the appearance of colors, so for the most accurate representation, please refer to RAL color swatches.